European Union Delegation to Singapore

Building Local Economic Entrepreneurial Skills to Support the Rural Poor for Sustainable Economic Self-Reliance

08/06/2021 - 15:34
Private Sector Development

The project seeks to capacitate the youth, women and PWDs in the Asutifi North District (ANDA), who have been rendered jobless, to operate their own enterprises. ANDA has a population of 62,453.33.95 percentage are youth, and 51% are women. 1,200 of the population are Persons with Disabilities (PWDs). Unemployment is high among the youth, women and PWDs. The situation worsened when the Newmont Gold Mining Company acquired over 2,992 hectares of their farmlands for commercial mining purposes. 77.4% of the population who are farmers lost their vocation. They do not have the needed qualification to work in the mining company. Most of the youth have only basic education qualification. Poverty is high in the district, and more youth migrate into the cities for jobs.

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