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"EUTERPE-21: Muses Today" – CONFERENCE

21/05/2021 - 14:11

On May 22, an open dialogue about contemporary academic music will take place at Artnovi Space, as part of "EUTERPE-21: Muses Today" project.  However, this is not a traditional musicology conference about styles and movements. It is important to talk about other issues: those historical, social and economic processes that influence and, to some extent, determine contemporary music. The focus will be on two main themes - how to develop projects about contemporary academic music and whether special support for women in the music field is necessary. Those who find these questions important are welcome to participate and interact.

13:00 - 15:00 - Brainstorming: curators of music projects and festivals on the "popularization" of contemporary academic music and self-sustainability

Experts will discuss the diversification of financial streams, the economics of labor, and the challenges and prospects of (independent) music curation.


Vladislav Tarnopolsky, curator of interdisciplinary projects at the Center for Contemporary Music at the Moscow Conservatory and editor-in-chief of Stravinsky online  

Maria Nemtsova and Vitaliy Vatulya, founders of Re: Formers contemporary classics festival

Tatiana Yakovleva and Irina Sevastyanova, curators of the Gnesin Contemporary Music Week project

Ksenia Anufrieva, musicologist and curator of the musical projects at the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts

Maria Chernova, founder of Artnovi Space

Ekaterina Richter, independent curator

Special presentation on the economics of labor - Anastasia Dmitrievskaya

Moderators: Anastasia Koshkina, founder and curator of EUTERPE-21: Muses Today and Alisa Kuprieva, founder of Loft Philharmonia

15:00 - 17:00 - Presentations by international archives and associations specializing in 'women in music

A first attempt in Russia to invite representatives of few institutions to a public talk, which are dedicated to women in music. What do they do and is there a need for them today? Do we need any preferences or quotas for the inclusion of women composers' works in concerts and festivals, and what do composers themselves think about this?


Mary Ellen Kitchens - Archiv Frau und Musik (Germany) 

Carol Ann Weaver - Association of Canadian Women Composers (ACWC)

Claire Baudin - online database of female composers Présence Compositrices and project "Ask Clara" (France)

Natalia Vergara - Association of Women Music Creators in Spain (AMCE)

Andrea Botello - Latin American Women Conductors Forum 

17:00 - 19:00 - Ways to Success - Women in Music Role Models: Contemporary Composers, Conductors, Managers, Patrons

Speakers will be announced later.

Participation is free, registration is required 

The event will take place in offline and online formats. The link to live streaming will be published on the day of the event.

The conference is taking place in the framework of the initiative "Year of Germany in Russia 2021/2022" with the support of the EU Delegation to Russia, the Canadian Embassy in Russia and the Russian Composers Union.



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