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Delegation of the European Union to Singapore

About the EU Delegation to Singapore

The Delegation of the European Union to Singapore is one of almost 140 fully-fledged diplomatic missions that represent the EU across the globe. Since its opening in 2004, the Delegation has worked to foster economic and political ties between the EU and Singapore. It represents the EU in dealings with the Singapore government in areas that are part of the EU’s remit. By actively engaging with leaders, the media, academia, business and civil society, the Delegation raises awareness of EU issues and concerns, and promotes the importance of the EU-Singapore relationship at various levels.  

Welcome to the website of the EU Delegation to Singapore.

As a Union of 28 nations, 500 million citizens and the world's largest market, the EU is an organization of ever-increasing importance to Singapore and ASEAN.

The EU regards Singapore as a crucial partner in the region. We share common interests in trade and investment, regional and global security and economic development.

This was reflected in the signing of the EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement. This FTA is only the second such agreement that the EU has signed with a country in Asia, putting Singapore at the forefront of the EU's engagement in the region.

There are over 10,000 European companies in Singapore and it is one of the most crucial markets involved in our newly launched EU Business Avenues programme. This five-year initiative supports businesses from across Europe - in particular European SMEs - looking to secure partnerships with counterparts in the region. Not only has EU Business Avenues placed European firms in direct contact with companies in Singapore, it has allowed them access to the wider region. This affirms Singapore's position in the region and shows that the EU views Singapore as a key partner in its engagement in South-East Asia and Asia Pacific as a whole.

We have also signed a Partnership and Cooperation Agreement (PCA). This agreement is expanding dialogue in a number of areas, including education, transport, energy, security, and science and technology. The EU has also sought to build a productive working relationship around such crucial issues as climate change and human rights.

Our cultural engagement is seen through our longest-running foreign film festival here. The popular European Union Film Festival will move into its  27th edition next year.  

Study in Europe, our higher education fair, is a highly-anticipated annual event that connects students in Singapore with range of education options available across Europe.

Our website covers our wide range of policies in greater depth.

I hope you find it useful.

Dr Michael Pulch
EU Ambassador to Singapore

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Dr Michael Pulch
Ambassador and Head of Delegation [Profile

Mr Pierre-Louis Lempereur
Head of Political and Press & Information Section
Human Rights Focal Point

Mr Bruno Julien-Malvy
Head of Economic & Trade Section

Mr Raphaël Mang
Head of Administration

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