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Equatorial Guinea and the EU

17/05/2016 - 18:05
EU relations with Country

As there is currently no EU delegation in Equatorial Guinea, the EU delegation in Gabon is currently undergoing accreditation by the authorities in Equatorial Guinea. The fact that there are representative EU countries there guarantees EU representation of a role at local level (as was the case before the Treaty of Lisbon).

Political dialogue with the authorities began afresh in 2007. The parties concerned convened to discuss certain specific points, for example Human Rights, in February 2009.

The reservations expressed by Equatorial Guinea in 2008 concerning Article 11 of the Cotonou Agreement, which refers to the International Criminal Court (ICC), meant that the country’s ratification of the Cotonou Agreement was invalid. For this reason, Equatorial Guinea has been unable to benefit from the funding offered by the 10th EDF, and will receive no funding from the 11th EDF either.

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