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2021 Country Gender Profile and Country Level Implementation Plan - Republic of Moldova

Chisinau, 20/09/2021 - 08:00, UNIQUE ID: 210920_3
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2021 Country Gender Profile and Country Level Implementation Plan of the Republic of Moldova

The purpose of the Republic of Moldova’s Country Gender Profile is to assist the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Moldova (EUD) to mainstream gender in programming 2021-2027, identify priorities, key objectives and actions of CLIP, supporting the Government to integrate gender in reforms, so as to maximise efforts for both gender equality and poverty reduction. Key gender issues raised by the Gender Profile are aligned with EU GAP III, as well as with the country’s National Plan for Gender Equality.

The document will also serve to provide gender analysis and recommendations for the Government of the Republic of Moldova (GoM) and guidance for other development partners and civil society organisations.

This gender profile highlights the status of women’s rights in the Republic of Moldova (Moldova) and describes the needs, challenges and opportunities in relation to each of its thematic sections: an analysis of the national framework and policy; women’s leadership and political participation, including the Women, Peace and Security Agenda; women in the economy; violence against women and girls; health services, including maternal health; women’s access to justice; social status; and access to ICT and information.

The development of the Country Gender Profile was conducted between March and July 2021, with the support of the EU4Gender Equality: Reform Helpdesk project and in coordination with the EUD.

This GAP III Country Level Implementation Plan (CLIP), built on the Gender Country Profile (CGP) of the Republic of Moldova (Moldova) 2021, covers both the programmatic and political commitments and propose specific actions and initiatives for promoting gender equality in the Republic of Moldova.

Please find the downloadable version of the PDF icon 2021 Country Gender Profile of the Republic of Moldova and PDF icon Country Level Implementation Plan - GAP III (CLIP).


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