Delegation of the European Union to Rwanda

Grid Loss Reduction Project

14/06/2018 - 12:11

The Government of Rwanda has received financing from the European Union Commission towards supporting the energy sector.

As part of this funding, Rwanda Energy Group has requested the EU Commission to support the electricity grid loss reduction initiative as a priority to ensure an efficient network in the country.

Total cost (EUR): EUR 23,700,000
EU Contracted amount (EUR): EUR 23,000,000 

This effecient network would be achieved through the Designing, Supplying and Construction of HV 110 kV line - Jabana 1 - Mont Kigali - Gahanga and related substations, under the "Kigali Ring" Project, supply and installation of reactive power compensators and supply and installation of an Advanced Metering Infrastructure which is part of the nationwide network loss reduction initiative.

The specific objective is to ensure an efficient network of the Kigali Ring by:

  • Improving the transmission of the power in the area of Kigali and reduce the losses from 23% to 17% by 2017.
  • Monitor the losses in Kigali grid.
  • Improve the level of the voltage of the Kigali grid in order to reduce the losses and the number of outages.

Expected results:

  • Building 23kM of 110kV lines (Jabana – Mont Kigali and Mont Kigali – Gahanga) and 110kV Substations (Mont Kigali, Gahanga).
  • Upgrading existing Substations (Jabana, Birembo).
  • Installation of Advanced Metering Infrastructure in Kigali City network: 7000 smart meters (incl. 1000 prepaid), and equipment to process and store the meters' data.
  • Installation of reactive power compensators in the substations of Jabana, Birembo and Mont Kigali: 3 x 1.5 MVAr outdoor capacitors bank to be installed in the 110 kV substation and connected on the 15 kV equipment for each substation.


Kigali City and all its Districts such as:

  • Jabana, Gatsata and Jali of Gasabo District;
  • Kigali and Nyamirambo of Nyarugenge District;
  • Kigarama and Gahanga of Kicukiro District.


Sector: Electric power

Domaine: Energy efficiency

Beneficiary Zone: Rwanda

Nature: Action Grants

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