Delegation of the European Union to Rwanda

Prepaid Energy. Rent to own solar home systems (off-grid)

27/06/2018 - 18:06

Main Objective: To alleviate poverty and improve the quality of life of the rural poor by offering a clean and sustainable energy supply alternative, which is affordable and supports economic activity.'' Specific Objectives: SO1 '' Having increased the availability of and access to modern electricity services in rural areas'' SO2 '' Having enabled rural poor to own a PV system'' SO3 '' Having secured a sustainable electricity supply


Total Cost (EUR): 22 288 277

EU contracted amount (EUR): 6 000 000

Duration: June 2014 - June 2018

Implementing organisation: RWANDA ENERGY GROUP LIMITED

Funding Instrument: European Development Fund (EDF)

Benefitting zone: ACP Countries


STORY : Better access to electricity in Rwanda

"Under the project, the beneficiaries are able to acquire subsidised solar systems, with an option of paying for the equipment in instalments for a period of over 36 months. The beneficiaries pay a flat fee for three-years and we accept payments of as little as Rwf100 to ease the credit burden."


Alex Ruzigura, Mobisol Marketing Manager



The goal of the project is to provide at least 49,000 households and at least 100 schools with solar power systems. Reaching this target will boost development in rural communities and have a significant long-term effect by providing younger generations of Rwandans with an electrified learning experience allowing for a stronger impetus on education. Solar electrical systems are a clean and cheaper alternative to the traditionally used energy resources like kerosene and petrol generators.



  • To alleviate poverty and improve the quality of life of the rural poor.
  • Increase the availability of and access to modern electricity services in rural areas.
  • The energy provided through the solar systems also allows productive use, stimulation of local economy and access to media like Radio and TV broadcasting.



  • The social benefits of access to affordable electricity includes less indoor air pollution due to kerosene lamps, more time for children to study after dark, increased access to information through radios and TV sets, better learning conditions in rural schools (including the possibility of charging children's' laptops).
  • The project represents a contribution to global environmental protection providing a clean and green alternative to other sources of energy.



Connecting rural Rwanda

The project seeks to improve the living standards of Rwandans through provision of affordable and healthier power options. Mobisol has helped power homes and businesses, especially in rural Rwanda, previously without electricity. As a result, beneficiaries have been shielded from volatile market forces and the high cost of fossil fuels and therefore improved their economic situation and educational opportunities.

Rwandans can acquire Mobisol solar home systems through an affordable Pay As You Go instalment payment scheme (paying via mobile money) over a three year period with daily remittances of as low as Rwf399. This is as a result of a partnership with the government and the European Union to provide rural households, businesses and public institutions with clean, affordable and reliable solar energy.



The project aims at providing solar house systems (SHS) to at least 49,000 households and small economic activities and at least 100 schools currently not connected to the existing grid.



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