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EU solidarity: supporting veterans and Holocaust survivors

21/10/2020 - 10:01
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For senior citizens, a community center could be a remedy against loneliness and social isolation. But what to do if due the COVID-19 pandemic, the center is closed and elderly people are recommended to stay home and reduce to the minimum their social contacts? In this context, the Jewish community center in Volgograd scaled up and diversified assistance to its members.


The Volgograd city public charity organization ‘Jewish community center’ received a grant from the European Union under the action “EU solidarity with Russian civil society: assistance to elderly people and adults with disabilities”. “The action has re-energized and strengthened the role of our organization. It has allowed us to scale up and diversify our assistance during the pandemic as well as to stay in contact with our beneficiaries. While for the latter, the action has ensured the variability of help they receive as well as their financial stability and mental health,” underlined Zalman Ioffe, chairman of the Center’s council and chief Rabbi of Volgograd and Volgograd region.

With the grant, the Center purchased and contactlessly delivered food, medicines, household goods, and individual protective items to its care recipients. Volunteers taught the elderly people to use gadgets, and helped them to install and master applications for online communications. Overall, almost 100 persons received assistance, including war veterans, Holocaust survivors, as well as elderly living alone and people with disabilities.

“Receiving assistance in food and medicines as well as attention is very valuable in these difficult times,” said Moisey Shevts, chair of the Council of war veterans of the Krasnooktyabrsky district of Volgograd. Valentina Uskova, former underage prisoner of a concentration camp, put her thank-you words into rime:

Стук в дверь, пришел посланец молодой -

Улыбка, доброта, в лице забота.

Мы одиноки, с трудною судьбой,

У молодых другая вот работа.

Ведь спонсоры создали тот проект

И добротой душевной наполняли. 

Спасибо вам, друзья, ведь не секрет -

От вируса вы нас оберегали.

The action “EU solidarity with Russian civil society: assistance to elderly people and adults with disabilities” is funded by the European Union and implemented by Charitable Foundation for Philanthropy Development CAF Russia. The action aims at helping elderly people and adults with disabilities in Russia to cope the COVID-19 pandemic crisis and its implications. Apart from the EU, the key donor of the action, individual contributions were made by Belgium, Estonia, France, Italy, Luxembourg, and Switzerland.

(Photo courtesy of “Jewish community center” organization)

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