Delegation of the European Union to Russia

Cross Border Cooperation Programme (CBC)

22/06/2020 - 12:14
Regional overview

Cross Border Cooperation (CBC) is a key element of the EU policy towards its neighbours including Russia. It supports sustainable development along the EU’s external borders, helps reducing differences in living standards and addressing common challenges across these borders.

What characterises the CBC programmes and makes them a unique cooperation mechanism is the participating countries' strong commitment and ownership based on:

  • balanced partnership between the participating countries on either side of a border: EU Member States and Russia have an equal say in the programme decisions and projects receive funding only if implemented by partners on both sides;
  • management entrusted to a local – or national – authority in a member state, jointly selected by all countries participating in the programme;
  • common legal framework and implementation rules

CBC has three main objectives:

  1. promoting economic and social development in border areas
  2. addressing common challenges (environment, public health, safety and security)
  3. putting in place better conditions for persons, goods and capital mobility

What are CBC projects in Russia?

Current projects are focused on the following thematic areas:

  • Historical and cultural heritage preservation
  • Clean environment
  • Accessible regions (transport and communication)
  • Border efficiency and security

During the period 2014-2020, 8 programmes are being implemented for EUR 334.5 mln. One of these programs (Kolartic) is implemented in cooperation with Norway.

CBC programmes' budget: 

  • EU - EUR 178.1 mln 
  • Russia - EUR 91.3 mln 
  • EU Member States - EUR 51.2 mln 

How are CBC projects selected?

The projects are selected on the results of local calls for proposals. The complete information of the calls is published on the websites of CBC programmes. On these websites anyone can find Guidelines for applicants for each CBC call for proposals, information on CBC Joint Operational Programmes, eligible areas, management structures and projects funded. The selection of projects is based on objective and transparent criteria, which are indicated in the Guidelines for applicants.

CBC 2014-2020 Programmes:







South-East Finland-Russia    

Interreg Baltic Sea     


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