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United Kingdom #UnitedInDistance: Adopt a Grandparent

17/04/2020 - 10:30

covid-19, adopt a grandparent

An elderly care home in the UK has started an ‘Adopt a Grandparent’ initiative online after people stopped visiting the residents due to the coronavirus outbreak. Thousands of people from across the world have signed up to this scheme aimed to help battle loneliness among the elderly during the pandemic.

The nursing home in Surrey called CHD Living, announced the plan last year with the initial aim to pair residents with local children and adults who don’t have grandparents, or cannot for some reason, see their own grandparents. However, the scheme was digitised on 23 March due to the coronavirus outbreak, with CHD calling for “virtual volunteers”.

Volunteers are asked to complete a short questionnaire about their likes and dislikes, allowing residents to choose who they feel they might get on with.

If you too wish to join this act of solidarity and ‘Adopt a Grandparent’, you may learn more about it and sign up by following this link.

Thank you UK, Thank you CHD Living!

You keep us #UnitedInDistance