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The EU-Russia Expert Network: EUREN Interim Report published (October 2018)

24/10/2018 - 00:00

EUREN Chronicles

The EU-Russia Expert Network on Foreign Policy (EUREN) was incepted by the EU Delegation to the Russian Federation at the beginning of 2016 and ever since has grown into a trustful dialogue and a platform for regular meetings of experts from EU and Russia which feeds the official political dialogue.

EUREN is run by the EU Delegation to the Russian Federation in the framework of the "Public Diplomacy EU and Russia" Project and the Russian International Affairs Council.

For the time being the EUREN held ten meetings and in addition to the Interim report it has also published a series of EUREN Chronicles  - reports from the previous meetings - the links to them you can find below.

Looking beyond sanctions? Prospects for economic interaction between the EU and Russia.

Looking beyond sanctions? Prospects for economic interaction between the EU and Russia.

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Perceptions of China’s changing role

Whereas at previous EUREN events participants from the EU and Russia critically assessed Moscow’s and Brussels’ respective policies in a given region or vis-à-vis a given international actor (the neighbourhood, Wider Middle East, USA), the discussions on China were more exploratory and focused on explaining to each other how China’s role and policies are perceived in Russia and the EU and what kind of relationship the EU and Russia seek to have with China.



The EU and Russia in the Wider Middle East

Permanent conflict in the Wider Middle East and implications for the region and beyond represent a key challenge in the relationship between the EU and Russia.



The EU’s and Russia’s common neighbourhood: shared or contested?

The discussions during the meeting were shaped by important general perceptions and expectations on both sides.



The relationship between the EU, Russia, and the US

Much of the debate about the political relationship between the EU, Russia and the US focused on expectations with regard to the new US administration. While participants from Russia, EU Member States and the US differed in their assessments of the new US president, they were united in their uncertainty about his future policies.



Selective Engagement between the EU and Russia

This report is based on the results of discussions held by the EU-Russia Expert Network in 2017 and 2018.

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