Delegation of the European Union to the 
Republic of North Macedonia


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    EU helping to protect and promote natural beauty: information centre for visitors opened at Kuklica

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    Ambassador Žbogar presents in an interview with MRTV the new EU campaign for support of eco-activism #ZaCistoKakoDomaIsto

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    Ambassador Žbogar's interview with Sitel TV on release of EC annual report: There is a clear recommendation for opening negotiations

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    Nicola Bertolini, head of cooperation at the EU Delegation, discusses EU assistance in a TV interview

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    #EuropeForCulture: 1.4 million euros for making the site around St. Gjorgija church a cultural venue and more appealing to tourists

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    Ambassador Samuel Žbogar for RFE: Focus your energy on reforms with same determination as for Prespa Agreement

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    Ambassador Samuel Žbogar's interview with Telma TV: If citizens see change in key areas in the next months, EU Member States will recognise that change, too

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