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Tamara Todevska among European women making a difference

09/03/2020 - 10:29

They sing, climb mountains, excel in science, fight for human rights… They move the boundaries in every field and open doors for others. They inspire new generations to work for a better Europe. Tamara is among the six strong women from the region featured in the recent campaign of the European External Action Service entitled 'Europeans making a difference'


Tamara Todevska made North Macedonia proud when she won the jury vote and finished 7th at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest. With its message of empowerment and equality, her song "Proud" came to symbolise the European aspirations of her country.

Tamara and the other five woman included in the campaign do different things. What brings them together is their talent, resilience, courage, their commitment and drive - to defend human rights, to protect the environment, to empower and help others…

In the period of marking International Women’s Day, meet them in the heart of Europe, in the Western Balkans. Watch them doing what they love and care about. See how they inspire new generations to work for a stronger, more united, more equal and prosperous Europe.

About this campaign, HRVP Josep Borrell wrote on his blog that joining the EU means 'building the EU at home'. "The success of our Western Balkan partners in 'building the EU at home' does not only depend on the performance of governments and EU institutions. While this is essential, the real success depends on the engagement of the people in these societies, on the actions of citizens, shaping the society in which they and their children can prosper".

"I have said it many times, and will repeat again: the EU is not complete without the Western Balkans. To complete the EU, make it stronger and more prosperous, we need people like our campaign protagonists. We are well aware of the challenges in the Western Balkans and the transformations that need to happen to 'build the EU at home'. People featured in our campaign are indispensable for those transformations and for inspiring others to participate. Their knowledge and contribution are necessary for 'building the EU' in the Western Balkans. Their stories are reminding me of why the EU accession path of the Western Balkans is so important for all of us in Europe. The process is about and for the people. And, this process needs to succeed - in the best interest of all people in Europe", said Borrell.

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