Delegation of the European Union to the 
Republic of North Macedonia


07/05/2019 - 16:32
Traineeships in Delegations

The deadline for submitting applications is 31 May 2019

Are you a university student interested in international relations?  Is a working experience part of your course?  Are you curious to learn more about work of a diplomatic mission and how the EU Delegation represents EU interests and values in North Macedonia?


What we offer?

A traineeship of up to 6 months for students undertaking a compulsory traineeship as a part of their studies, within the Political Section of the EU Delegation to North Macedonia, starting in July 2019.

Compulsory traineeships are available in the followings sections:

  • Political  (POL)
  • Press and Information (PPI)


Main tasks – Political Section:

  • Participating in meetings with Government, Parliament, political parties, state institutions, international organisations and thereafter preparing summaries of the discussion
  • Analysing reports from the government, parliament and civil society and preparing summary reports
  • Following the implementation of the EU reforms under the political criteria, writing assessments and draft recommendations
  • The selected candidate can also be asked to perform other miscellaneous, e.g participating in/facilitating of incoming visits form EU institutions and EUMS. He/She will work in a team of hard working, committed and professional colleagues.


Main tasks – Press and Information Section:

  • The planning, implementation and evaluation of visibility actions, public opinion polls
  • Contributing to developing content of EU messages for different audiences on different media (billboards, social media)
  • Analysing polls, summarising conclusions and making draft recommendations for follow up.
  • The selected candidate can also be asked to perform other miscellaneous tasks e.g. participating in/facilitating of incoming visits from EU institutions, etc. He/She will work in a team of hard working, committed and professional colleagues.


How to apply?

Please send the following documents to the e-mail address:

Please mention in the subject of your e-mail: Compulsory Traineeship – Acronym of the Section you apply for (POL or PPI) (1 Section only)


Important information

Before applying you are requested to examine the dedicated website as well as the general eligibility criteria for a compulsory traineeships (Article 9 of the Decision ADMIN(2017)28 - Unpaid compulsory traineeships for students already residing and studying in the host country)

All costs related to travel inside the country of residence, visa, insurance, accommodation and living expenses must be borne by either the trainee or the University.

Applications from non-eligible candidates will not be considered. After the evaluation of all applications, shortlisted candidates will be contacted and invited for an interview. Unsuccessful candidates will be notified by email. In case the selected candidate is not able to present the required documents, his/her candidacy will be rejected.