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Thursday's Trade Treat: Eurozone outshines other economies, thanks to open trade and investment

09/02/2017 - 03:07
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Latest figures on the Eurozone show substantial growth of 0.5% in the 4th quarter of 2016, and a record of 1.7% for the whole year (compared to for instance 1.6% of the US). Our unemployment rate keeps dropping too and stood at 8.2%.

For 6 years, the Eurozone also posted positive economic sentiment with the most recent index at 54.4.

"The Eurozone economy is doing great… again! And this is thanks to very solid reforms leading to increased competitiveness, but also thanks to even upping our open trade and investment with the world – where others choose for protectionism when the going gets tough, the EU shows that increasing openness is the solution to growth, while maintaining a very strong social welfare agenda for our citizens"


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