Delegation of the European Union to the Philippines

Beat the summer heat as EuroPinoy Concert 2021 comes back with a bang!

02/06/2021 - 07:27
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Let the music soar in the air as European and Filipino artists’ rock your soul on Friday, 4 June at 6pm on the EU in the Philippines FB page:

European Union Ambassador Luc Véron stated “Music is our universal language. It knows no barriers and it opens up doors for friendship and partnership, the theme of this year’s Viva Europa celebrations”.

He specified that this concert brings together some of the best European and Filipino talents together in the spirit of solidarity to bring positivity and hope during this pandemic.

Here is the programme’s most exciting line-up!

  • A contemporary dance number from world-class talents Vera and Company (Czech Republic) “Guide”
  • (Philippines) “Alunignig”: ethnic band artist Talaandig Republic Band
  • (Austria) Froilan Moser:  “Recitative & Scherzo Caprice” by Fritz Kreisler (on violin)  
  •  Eric Soulard  (France) “Je Veux Retrouver Cette Fille” (original composition, Blues) (on piano) to be followed by “Elle est d ailleurs” by Pierre Bachelet (on guitar)  and “Mon amant de St. Jean by Leon Agel and Emile Carrara” (on accordion)
  • (Italy) Tullio Vidmar  (on violin) and  (Philippines) John Roa  Elegy (on piano) “Elegy for Violin and Piano”  by Niño B. Tino to be followed by “Vuelvo al sur Astor Piazzolla”
  • (Poland) Artur Dutkiewicz (on  piano)   “Mazurek Bielanski” and  “Membrana “with a message before rendering “Philippine Islands” by Aleksander Tansman 
  • (Philippines) Rice Lucido:  “Tahan Na” (original composition, on guitar)
  • EU and Philippines Collaboration - “Es Gali” Talaandig Republic Band (indigenous instruments)  and Rice Lucido (voice) with  (Germany) Lisa Kossen (with interpretation, visual artist)
  • EU and Philippines Collaboration (Philippines) “Muling Mananaginip” with Rice Lucido (songwriter to interpret her original composition),  Talaandig Republic Band (percussions),  (France) Eric Soulard (double bass), (Austria) Florian Moser (violin) and (Germany) Lisa Kossen (visual artist)
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