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EU Delegation to Korea Newsletter, 30 July 2019

22/07/2019 - 08:53
EU Delegation to South Korea - Newsletter

EU moves ahead with dispute settlement over workers’ rights in Republic of Korea

The EU requested a panel to address its long-standing concerns on labour standards in Korea. This second phase of an arbitration procedure under the EU-Korea trade agreement is being triggered after formal government consultations held in January 2019 and more recent efforts failed to provide a satisfactory solution. Read more

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‘No-deal' Brexit: European Commission takes stock of preparations ahead of June European Council

Ahead of the June European Council (Article 50), the European Commission has today taken stock – in its fifth Brexit Preparedness Communication – of the European Union's Brexit preparedness and contingency measures, particularly in light of the decision taken on 11 April by the European Council (Article 50), at the request of and in agreement with the United Kingdom, to extend the Article 50 period to 31 October 2019.   Read more

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Disabled journalists of Humanaid Post interview EU Ambassador to Korea

On 23 July, disabled journalists of the Humanaidpost visited Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Korea to interview Ambassador Michael Reiterer. Humanaidpost is a news media agency that aims to produce news in easy terms so as to provide better information access to those who are marginalised and otherwise barred from the news media. With journalists with developmental disabilities at the forefront of preparing for and examining the articles, the news agency's belief is that no one should be pushed to the periphery of information. Read more

Congratulatory Speech by EU Ambassador Michael Reiterer at Internet Newspaper Day Ceremony

On the Internet Newspaper Day, which marks the day when the Korean government legalised the online news outlets as press under the Newspaper Act, Ambassador Reiterer congratulated online newspaper journalists for contributing to the development of Korea's democracy by expanding citizens' right to know and their active participation in politics. Ambassador also pointed out that "online news outlets shoulder heavy responsibility, as more people rely on online information" and that "Internet journalism has to live up to the same standards as traditional journalism – investigate, check, double check before publishing" mentioning the EU's self-regulatory "Code of Practice" to tackle fake news and disinformation. Read more

EU Ambassador Emphasizes Role of EU at Sejong Institute

Ambassador Reiterer visited Sejong Institute on 1 July and delivered a lecture on the EU-Korea relations and public diplomacy efforts of the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Korea. On the European Union, he underlined that "the EU is not the 'United States of Europe', but the "Union" of independent Member States pooling their sovereignty to work together in the face of greater challenges ahead of us.  Read more

EU-RoK Relations Book Launching Event Held at EU Residence

Michael Reiterer hosted a seminar and a reception to celebrate the publication of the Korea-EU Relations book at his residence on 27 June. Co-authored by 10 professional scholars, the book highlights the 55th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the European Union and the Republic of Korea celebrated last year. Read more

Korea Consumer Agency President Ms. LEE Heesook and EU Ambassador share need for tightened cooperation in consumer protection

The meeting took place between Ambassador Reiterer and the President of the Korea Consumer Agency (KCA) on 3 July. Both sides exchanged their newly emerging consumer protection issues. The challenge of the EU to maintain and assure consumer protection in the dynamic single market, and its new challenges arising through technology development was covered in equivalence to the importance of personal data protection, GDPR. Read more

EU-Korea ETS Project Concludes Successfully

Korean Emission Trading system (KETS) is Asia’s first national ETS and the second-largest carbon market in the world after the EU ETS. From 2016 to 2019 European Union supported Republic of Korea in the implementation and operation of the Korean ETS in its initial phase by provision of technical assistance in areas of allocation, auctioning, MRVA (Monitoring, Reporting, Verification, Accreditation), Greenhouse Gases mitigation and carbon price modelling, as well as ETS linking.  Read more  Read more in Korean

EU Presents Green Public Procurement Policy at International Forum on Green Public Procurement

Dr Joëlle Hivonnet delivered her presentation on EU's Green Public Procurement Policy at the International Forum on Green Public Procurement organised by the Ministry of Environment, Korea Environmental Industry and Technology Institute (KEITI) and UNEP on 18th June. Read more  Read more in Korean

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