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Remarks by High Representative/ Vice-President Federica Mogherini upon arrival at the second day of the European Council, 20 March 2015

Bruxelles, 20/03/2015 - 00:00, UNIQUE ID: 150320_02

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This morning with the Prime Ministers and the Presidents  we will discuss our reaction to the terrorist attack that took place in Tunis a couple of days ago. The majority of victims were European citizens, so for sure, this is an attack also on Europe and Europe has to respond. So we will. I will brief the Prime Ministers and Presidents and we will decide our reaction as well, as we discuss our action towards Libya. As you know, this is one of the most acute and dramatic crises just across our borders, our maritime borders this time. It is a serious threat and it needs to be tackled. I expect from the Heads of State and Government this morning a strong mandate to explore all possible ways, in which the European Union can, not only support a dialogue, but also support the outcome of a dialogue. If we get a national unity government from the ongoing talks in Rabat and from the parallel tracks we will have here in Brussels with the Mayors on Monday and Tuesday, we have to be ready to support this government in all possible ways.

I expect this morning to have a strong mandate, to prepare all possible options of European Union support to a future national unity government in Libya. This means, to be very clear, that we are not planning a European Union military intervention, an outside intervention, but we are planning all possible ways of support, even on the plan of security, to a future national unity government. With all possible means, including CSDP measures, but only if we have a national unity government and only in strong coordination with a future national unity government and obviously the United Nations.  I have already started discussing this, not only with Bernardino Léon, but also with Ban Ki-moon in New York one week ago and obviously with the actors of the region. As you know, I was last week in Sharm el-Sheikh, I discussed it with President El-Sisi, with other relevant players in the Arab world. We need to unite against the threat that is growing in Libya. Let me also say, the growth of the Da'esh threat in Libya should be the moment for all parts of Libya, all of them, to unite against the threat of Da'esh, to unite against the threat of terrorism, not to fight among each other but to fight against the common threats.

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