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Business Mirror awards the EU "Project of the Year: EU model recovery clinics"

08/04/2019 - 00:00
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The project of the year was European Union’s Establishment of Model Recovery Clinics (Voluntary Outpatient-based Medical Treatment Facilities for Drug Users). The clinics are for the non-severely addicted drug users, who form the majority of drug users.

The EU said the key feature of the Recovery Clinic is that drug use is viewed as a chronic relapsing medical disorder to be treated repeatedly, without penalties or prejudice.

Further, the EU said the recovery clinics offer evidence-based drug-abuse medical treatment in a voluntary outpatient setting that preserves human dignity via medical-record privacy and confidentiality protections under Philippine law.

“It’s a great honor to receive this award on behalf of the many colleagues who have worked on the recovery clinics that we tried to establish around the country. For me, it is one of the examples of how we worked very closely, hand in hand, in fact, with the government on the key priority, which is the fight against drugs, and we do that by bringing in European experiences to try to show how we are fighting similar issues in Europe,” EU Ambassador Franz Jessen said in his acceptance speech.

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