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EU Support to The Health Sector (PHASE 1)

03/01/2019 - 20:38
Public Health and Social Protection

The objective of the project is to strengthen the Nigeria health system through improved primary health care delivery in Northern Nigeria, maintaining the country's polio-free status and building capacity for improved data and financial management of the health sector.


Expected results: 

  • 80% of women & children in 3 target states reached with high impact MNCHN interventions;
  • 80% of wards have 1 main functional PHC with the capacity to provide integrated MNCHN service;
  • Strengthened capacity for effective coordination of MNCHN service delivery and social protection;
  • Achieve and maintain polio free status in Nigeria;
  • Quality of health and Nutrition information and use for decision making is strengthened;
  • Improvement of local institutional capacity at state level to plan and prepare costed budgets and provide full narrative and financial reporting for the health sector.


Main activities (planned):         

  • Support the provision of community based MNCHN+ services;
  • Identification and mapping of 774 PHC in the 3 states of Kebbi, Adamawa and Bauchi;
  • Strengthen policy implementation, regulation, accountability, transparency, and performance;
  • Conduct high quality supplementary Immunisation Activities combined with supportive activities;
  • Support development of a harmonised data quality process with in-depth verification of the system;
  • Support conduction of annual health accounts estimation as well as other expenditure tracking. 


  • Joint PSC scheduled for 12 July 2018 in Abuja with a joint mission to Kebbi and Sokoto foreseen for 23 July 2018;
  • Head of Cooperation participated in a further project visibility event in Bauchi State (newly added State) on the invitation of the Governor on 18 May 2017;
  • Financing Agreement signed by NAO 11/08/2016;
  • Both UNICEF and WHO component PAGoDA contracts finalised;
  • Formal project launch (UNICEF and WHO components) as a joint visibility event on 16/02/2017;
  • Improving visibility of EU funding in government public events e.g. The April Vaccination Week;
  • Jointly developed DEVCO-UNICEF Reference Package shared with EUDs for guidance;  

Next Steps:

  • Ongoing review and monitoring of work programme for UNICEF and WHO implementing States; 
  • Project visibility package for WHO component being jointly finalised with EUD services; 
  • Quarterly formal/informal meetings with UNICEF and WHO on policy dialogue and implementation.



Source of funds: 11th EDF (CRIS ref: FED/2016/38-524) 

Total budget (EUR): 83, 504,936.00

Implementing period: 4 years (2016-2020)

Implementing agencies: 

  • UNICEF (MNCH + Nutrition - 45 months);
  • WHO (Polio Eradication+ Health Systems Strengthening - Data Management and Health Expenditure reporting - 41 months).

Geographical region:

  • Component 1 (MNCH-N) – Kebbi, Adamawa, Bauchi States (UNICEF)
  • Component 2 (Polio Eradication) – Nationwide (WHO)
  • Component 3 (HSS) – Sokoto, Anambra States (WHO)
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