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Support for setting-up a national health plan and road map for the reduction of maternal mortality in Liberia

27/06/2018 - 00:00
Public Health and Social Protection

Liberia ranks 182nd out of 187 countries included in the UNDP's Human Development Report (2011). Average life expectancy is around 59 years and the adult literacy rate around 60 percent.

Progress is being made on the Millennium Development Goals (access to improved Drinking water and School enrollment are both improving) but the impact of the conflict makes it difficult for Liberia to achieve most of the goals. 
After 14 years of civil war, the Ministry of Health (MoH) is striving to improve health services. Many health facilities destroyed during the war are now functional again, a national health policy has been developed, a ten year health plan (2011-2021) has been put in place, and after the Ebola crisis, a national investment plan has been instituted, geared toward building a resilient health system and to accelerate the implementation of the ten year plan. Regarding maternal and new-born health, efforts are being made to include a sexual and reproductive health policy, a road-map for maternal and new-born health, and to provide drugs and medical supplies. Despite these achievements the maternal mortality ratio is still one of the highest in Sub-Saharan Africa, it stands at 1072/100,000 live births (Liberian Demographic Health Services, DHS 2013) coupled with a high adolescent pregnancy rate and high unmet needs for family planning.
Leadership by the MoH within the sector is strong. Coordination mechanisms have been established. During previous years, much progress has been made with regard to policy and strategy development. Technical capacity to monitor the sector performance has steadily improved and the MoH is now able to estimate critical process and output indicators through its routine HMIS system, which has been strengthened after the Ebola Epidemic.
The purpose of the project is to contribute to the achievement of the objectives and targets set for 2016/2017 in the Ten Year Strategic Health & Social Welfare Plan and in the Road-map for the the Reduction of Maternal and New-born Mortality.

Total Cost (EUR): 1 680 000

EU contracted amount (EUR): 1 680 000

Duration: January 2015 - December 2018

Implementing organisation: EPOS HEALTH MANAGEMENT GMBH

Funding Instrument: European Development Fund (EDF)

Benefitting zone: Liberia

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