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Information and Consultation with Civil Society Organizations on Action Documents of the EU Delegation of Albania for 2016 in the framework of IPA II

Tirana, 18/11/2016 - 17:58, UNIQUE ID: 161118_11
Public consultations


Dear Colleagues, 


Thank you for providing your feedback on mid-term review of Indicative Strategy Paper (ISP) for Albania 2014 -2020.


As the ISP document is designed on a sector by sector basis, encompassing the areas of democracy and governance; rule of law and fundamental rights; environment and climate actions; transport; competitiveness and innovation; education, employment and social policies; agriculture and rural development the EU Delegation (EUD)  in Albania which  is in the final phase of adopting the 2016 programme, would like to invite Civil Society Organizations in the process of information and consultation of Action Documents for 2016 in the framework of IPA II assistance.


 Each Action Document is focused in one sector and is designed through joint work of the EUD in close partnership with key relevant public institutions responsible and other relevant actors.


In order to allow your organisation to express opinions on the overall document, role of CSO during implementation of the action and at the same time, identify how the EUD could strengthen the role and capacities of CSOs in the process of implementation, monitoring, evaluation and policy dialogue a relevant questionnaire is designed.


By engaging in this process, you could provide valuable information and insights that would contribute to the implementation of actions and engagement of the Civil Society Organizations in the implementation, monitoring, evaluation of various activities and actions in each sector.


Note: The questionnaire is designed to provide feedback only for one Action document. If you are providing feedback to more than one Action Document, please make sure to compile one form for each Action Document, because the feedback is required individually for each Action Document.


For more information click the following link:



We would highly appreciate if you would fill the questionnaire and send it to  by December 20, 2016 at the latest. Your responses will remain fully confidential and will be used for the sole purpose described above.



Thank you for your cooperation,


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This project is funded by European Union.

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