Delegation of the European Union to Peru


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17.2.2021 – Blogue do AR/VP – Porque temos de investir no multilateralismo? Porque funciona. Hoje definimos o que a UE pode fazer para reforçar e modernizar o sistema mundial de regras e instituições de que todos dependemos.

17.2.2021 – HR/VP Blog – Warum müssen wir in den Multilateralismus investieren? Weil er funktioniert. Heute haben wir dargelegt, was die EU tun kann, um das globale System von Regeln und Institutionen, von dem wir alle abhängen, zu stärken und zu modernisieren.

17/02/2021 – Blog du HR/VP – Pourquoi devons-nous investir dans le multilatéralisme? Parce que cela fonctionne. Aujourd'hui, nous avons exposé ce que l'UE peut faire pour renforcer et moderniser le système mondial de règles et d'institutions dont nous dépendons tous.

Experiencias internacionales y nacionales mostradas en “III Foro Internacional de Economía Circular”, organizado por el Gobierno peruano en alianza con la Unión Europea, indican que la economía circular impulsa cambios positivos en la producción y el consumo.

Ministro del Ambiente del Perú, Gabriel Quijandría, presentó las prioridades sectoriales en el marco del Bicentenario y la nueva Política Nacional del Ambiente.

“Children have a key role to play in building a present and a future where peace will prevail. It is our responsibility to enable them to be such agents of change”, says EU-UN statement on International Day against the Use of Child Soldiers

In some parts of the world, girls under 18 are circumcised and assumed ready for marriage. Ester recalls that she was very excited and agreed to this “BUT when the day came and already cut, oh God I was like half dead,” she cried. Female genital mutilation is a crime and a violation of human rights. It cannot be justified as a cultural or traditional practice. The practice has been around for more than a thousand years, and continues to persist until this very day, further impacted by the shadow pandemic, disrupting efforts for its elimination. But change is possible, and it is happening.