Delegation of the European Union to Peru

Strategic Partners for a sustainable recovery post-pandemic: Top diplomats from the EU and Canada share a vision for the path forward

10/05/2021 - 23:40
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Full recovery from the global pandemic hinges on our collective willingness to pull together, follow the science, strengthen our economies, and stay true to our shared values of global solidarity, open and fair trade, diversity, and multilateralism.

Join us on 20 for a live event with European Union Ambassador to Canada, Dr. Melita Gabrič, and Canadian Ambassador to the European Union, Dr. Ailish Campbell. In a historic first – both Ambassadors are women.

Moderated by Heather Scoffield, Ottawa bureau chief and economics columnist for The Toronto Star.

Armchair discussion will address:

•    Sustainable recovery and green transition with a focus on science, innovation and trade

•    Cooperation on health and vaccines

•    Digitalisation of our economies


Canada and the EU have been trusted and reliable partners for more than seven decades and the partnership continues to grow.


This is an iPoliticsLIVE event in partnership with the Mission of Canada to the European Union in Brussels.

The event gets underway on 20 May at 9:30 am ET / 3:30 pm CEST.


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