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Justice for Children: Bridging the gap between Legislation and Practice

27/04/2021 - 17:55
Rule of Law

The project focuses on bridging the gap between legislation and practice within the Ghanaian Child Justice system, through legal and policy reform, providing legal assistance to juveniles in conflict with the law and building capacity of security agencies to effectively promote child justice in Ghana.

Over the years, Ghana has shown progress in providing a safe environment for children`s development by ensuring a sound policy and legal environment and implementation of practical interventions. Although efforts have been made towards protecting/empowering children, there is still much work to be done especially in the area of Justice for Children System. That is, to specifically improve the condition of children who come into conflict or are at risk of coming into conflict and contact with the law. There is the need for a justice for children system that reflects the values, expectations, aspirations and capacities to involve all stakeholders. The project focuses on providing legal assistance to at least 350 juveniles in conflict with the law, train at least 500 security agencies, officers, and 150 paralegals across Ghana. Read more in the document:

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