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Trade-Related Assistance in Sri Lanka: Increasing SMEs' trade competitiveness in regional and EU markets

22/08/2020 - 15:19
Free Trade

Contributing to Sri Lanka’s inclusive trade-led growth and regional integration, thereby contributing to poverty alleviation.

The Trade-Relate Assistance Prooject, implemented by ITC and UNIDO, aims to increased trade competitiveness of Sri Lankan SMEs in regional and EU markets and thereby:

  1. develop a coherent trade strategy for export competitiveness designed and implemented, including policies, regulatory reforms and trade negotiations as shaped by the WTO, regional integration process, EU GSP+ scheme;
  2. enhance efficiency of cross-border procedures and SMEs’ capacities to comply with cross-border procedures for exporting to SAARC and EU;
  3. improve compliance and quality infrastructure services to meet quality and SPS requirements in the regional and EU markets; and
  4. increase SME competitiveness in export-oriented sectors (spices, food and ITO/BPO industry).

The project is worth EUR 8 million.

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