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Citizens Voice and Actions on Local Development in Consolidated Communities in Armenia

07/02/2019 - 14:06
Civil Society and Media

The project aims to address communities’ capacity gaps and foster local development in a sustainable, participatory, and accountable manner.

Brief Description: 

The project is a 30-month EU funded activity aiming to support the on-going government reforms and enhance capacity of consolidated communities in designing and implementing people-centred and sustainable local development projects. The project targets 52 consolidated communities.

The project also aims to strengthen cross-border cooperation between Armenian and Georgian communities, create a pool of more than 50 small and 7 middle-scale innovative community-driven investments to promote outdoor activities and local tourism development and to raise awareness on civic engagement and oversight, particularly via citizen budgets and outreach campaigns. 

In addition to the mentioned small and medium-scale projects up to 3 large-scale projects will be awarded grants and implemented in Lori, Tavush and Shirak marzes. These demonstration projects aim to unlock the development potential in rural regions as well as promoting of rural tourism, outdoor activities and the creative industries. 

Actions in Brief

Project aims to:

  • Enhance role of and capacity for citizen participation in consolidated communities’ development, primarily through Citizen Budgets.
  • Develop community-driven pilot projects, particularly in areas of tourism and outdoor activity development
  • Strengthen partnerships within and between consolidated communities in Armenia; co-operation with EU and regional partners.

And as a result to achive:

  • Partnership platforms on community, inter-community and marz levels to structure and streamline multi-stakeholder dialogue involving also individual citizens.
  • For citizens in all consolidated communities in Armenia to have an opportunity to propose ideas for small-community projects and to discuss and learn more about participatory budgeting.
  • Many municipalities have not had a tradition of participatory planning and budgeting mechanisms, which will be promoted in this project as a tool to foster meaningful inclusion of citizens in community activities and oversight of the public spending. Small and medium scale grant projects will be implemented to pilot these practices across Armenia  e.g. through the municipal budget.  
  • Citizens to be involved in developing more detailed strategies for expanding outdoor activities and local tourism initiatives in rural communities, as well as for income-generation through community-owned projects.

Duration: 01/03/2018 – 30/08/2020 (30 months)

Total project budget: EUR 1,120,000.00

EU contribution:  EUR 1,000,000.00

Location: 52[1] consolidated communities across the Republic of Armenia

Implementing Partners:  Communities Association of Armenia (UCA), Communities Finance Officers Association (CFOA), Association of Local Democracy Agencies (ALDA)  


[1] Aparan,Alagyaz,Aragatsavan,Tsakhkahovit,Urtsazdor,Chambarak,Vardenis, Geghamasar, Shoghakat, Byureghavan, Yeghvard, Charentsavan, Akunq, Meghradzor, Jrvezh, Alaverdi, Akhtala, Tumanyan, Stepanavan, Tashir, Gyulagarak, Lori Berd, Metsavan, Shnogh, Sarchapet, Odzun, Ani, Akhuryan, Amasia, Ahsotsk, Arpi , Marmashen, Sarapat, Ayrum, Berd, Dilijan, Noyemberyan, Koghb, Kapan, Goris, Meghri, Sisan, Qajaran, Gorayk, Tatev, Tegh, Jermuk, Vayq, Areni, Gladzor, Zaritap , Yeghegis

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