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Africa As One - Pan-African Programme 2014-2017 Brochure

31/07/2018 - 09:44
Multi Annual Indicative Programmes

PanAf, an ambitious €845-million commitment to continental and inter-regional projects that mutually benefit Africa and Europe

In 2014, the Pan-African Programme (PanAf ) was launched to lend support to a strategy first adopted at the Lisbon Africa-EU Summit a decade ago. The so-called Joint Africa EU Strategy (JAES) of 2007 was driven from the highest political levels and represented a call for a new, strategic partnership that put Africa and the EU on a more equitable footing.

PanAf is just one of the many EU instruments that are supporting the Africa-EU Partnership but it is the only EU programme designed to ‘treat Africa as One’. Through continental and trans-regional initiatives, the PanAf complements EU support at regional and country level.

To achieve its goals, PanAf has received an envelope of €845m for the period 2014-2020. Since 2014, the programme has already committed €400m to building synergistic, mutually beneficial projects for the EU and Africa.

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