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30/03/2020- Several outlets- The contrast between the silence of Europe’s streets and squares and the tumultuous, painful reality in many of its hospitals is heartbreaking. COVID-19 has not only Europe but the entire global community in its grip. It is already clear that the pandemic will reshape
2017年6月26日,欧盟外交与安全事务高级代表费德丽卡 · 莫盖里尼代表欧盟在国际支持酷刑受害者日上的宣言
As soon as  a group of young musicians from Vanimo (a small town in northwest of PNG, nestled between the jungle and the Bismark Sea)  heard that their favourite music play "Ode to Joy" is also the EU Anthem, they contacted the EU Delegation in Port Moresby with a suggestion to celebrate
On 13th of April the first batch of 132,000 dozes of Astra Zeneca vaccine has arrived in PNG The European Union and its Member States have made a huge contribution to the COVAX mechanism. “Team Europe” has provided €2.2 billion, for the COVAX mechanism as an expression to international solidarity
Today, the European Union has signed a new Financing Agreement with the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat to repurpose €22 (FJD $54, AUD $36) million in support of the Pacific region’s response to COVID-19 through the “Health Support in response to COVID-19 in the Pacific” programme. The programme
HR/VP Josep Borrell on International Day of Multilateralism and Diplomacy for Peace
International Day of Multilateralism and Diplomacy for Peace
24/04/2020- HR/VP Josep Borrell on the International Day of Multilateralism and Diplomacy for Peace, and why the EU reaffirms its longstanding commitment to international cooperation and to the rules-based international order – above all in the light of tackling the Coronavirus pandemic.
Josep Borrell video message on coronavirus outbreak (subtitles)
Coronavirus outbreak
23/03/2020- HR/VP Josep Borrell on the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, focusing on the engagement of different key actors of our society and the EU’s response, including the efforts to coordinate the repatriation of thousands of European stranded abroad.
World Day against the Death Penalty
World Day against the Death Penalty
The death penalty is incompatible with human dignity. It's inhumane and degrading treatment. It has no proven deterrent, allowing irreversible and fatal judicial errors. All of the EU has proudly abolished the death penalty.