Delegation of the European Union to Papua New Guinea

A new era in trade - European Union assists Papua New Guinea deliver a first ever National Trade Policy

06/09/2017 - 09:41
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In the remote Highlands region of Papua New Guinea, villagers grow coffee and liaise with exporters for trade to European markets; along the country's coast farmers grow cocoa whose taste and quality is becoming gradually recognised by chocolate industry in Europe. A brand new National Trade Policy will provide a framework to help small farmers and local communities to boost their unique products beyond the domestic borders and support their efforts to become successful exporters. Through the 'Trade Related Assistance' project, European Union has supported the development of a first ever National Trade Policy, which was successfully launched on August 09, 2017. Papua New Guinea's Government holds now a policy to guide the country in its trade negotiations and agreements, facilitate access to international markets and foster an equitable and sustainable income though job creation.

The Papua New Guinea Government in announcing the launch of the new trade policy said, "The Papua New Guinea National Trade Policy has been developed over the last three years through wider and lengthy consultation process. It is one of the key policy achievements through the Ministry of Trade, Commerce and Industry, in partnership with the European Union."

In commenting on this achievement, Papua New Guinea's First Assistant Secretary for Trade, Mr Richard Yakam, said: "Papua New Guinea’s first comprehensive National Trade Policy will set a new direction in dealing with international trade and articulate the policies that will promote sustainable economic growth of our country.  Since independence in 1975, trade practice was carried out without a clear and strong policy framework.  I would like to thank the European Union for their technical and financial support in helping us reach this major milestone in our development." 

Ambassador of the European Union to Papua New Guinea H.E Ioannis Giogkarakis-Argyropoulos in witnessing the occasion said: "I am very pleased to participate in this landmark occasion for PNG, the launching of the National Trade Policy, the first of its kind. This year, Papua New Guinea and European Union celebrate 40 years of partnership. Our relationship initially commenced with development cooperation and progressively evolved into an economic and political partnership. Today we witness just one of the fruits of the partnership, and there are plans for more. Through our Trade Assistance programmes the EU supports PNG to reap even more benefits from Trade, also beyond our Economic Partnership Agreement. It does this by assisting to strengthen the capacity of the Department for Trade, Commerce and Industry, so that balanced beneficial trade policies can be developed and implemented; policies that are developed in an inclusive process together with the private sector and civil society – the beneficiaries of the policies. The National Trade Policy which is officially launched today by the Deputy Prime Minister, Honourable Charles Abel was developed with EU support by Papua New Guinea for Papua New Guinea."


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