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The EU contributes €20 million to the PA's payment of July salaries and pensions

Jerusalem, 03/08/2017 - 10:12, UNIQUE ID: 170803_1
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The European Union is making today a contribution of €20.0 million to the payment of July salaries and pensions of 57,500 Palestinian civil servants and pensioners.

"The European Union is making the third yearly contribution in the framework of its Direct Financial Support to the Palestinian Authority. For the year 2017, the EU has allocated a total of €138 million to support the Palestinian Authority payment of salaries, pensions, social allowances, and referral to East Jerusalem hospitals,'' said EU Representative Ralph Tarraf. "The EU and it Member States remain reliable and committed donors to the Palestinian people, providing predictable contributions based on agreed schedules. This support helps in securing the PA’s fiscal sustainability and protecting its institution-building achievements including delivery of key services to the Palestinian people, also in times of crises", he added.


Most of the European Union's assistance to the Palestinian Authority is channelled through PEGASE, the financial mechanism launched in 2008 to support the PA Reform and Development Plan and subsequent Palestinian national plans and agendas. As well as helping to meet a substantial proportion of its running costs, European funds support major reform and development programmes in key ministries, to help prepare the PA for statehood. Since February 2008, €2.3 billion have been disbursed through the PEGASE Direct Financial Support programmes. In addition, the EU has provided assistance to the Palestinian people through UNRWA and a wide range of cooperation projects.

[1] Mécanisme Palestino-Européen de Gestion de l'Aide Socio-Economique (PEGASE)



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