The Office of the European Union Representative
(West Bank and Gaza Strip, UNRWA)

HRC44 - EID on oral reports of the Sudan & OHCHR

Geneva , 16/07/2020 - 10:21, UNIQUE ID: 200716_5
Statements on behalf of the EU

Thank you Madame President,

The EU praises the ongoing democratic change in Sudan in general and in particular its women and youth, who pushed for peaceful change and for the ideals of freedom, peace and justice with resilience and determination. It is thanks to their efforts and sacrifices that we witness a unique opportunity to bring Sudan back on track in terms of peace, democratic governance, respect of human rights and economic recovery. Amongst other advances, the EU welcomes the criminalization of Female Genital Mutilation as part of the fight against violence, including sexual violence, and discrimination which women and girls still face. .

Sudan is today an example for transition processes towards democratic regimes and, as such,  it needs to be strongly supported.  

We warmly welcome the creation and establishment of an OHCHR presence in Khartoum and soon also field presences, including in Darfur. They represent an important pillar of support. OHCHRs provision of technical assistance, but also reporting to this council, in combination with UNITAMS mandate for monitoring and reporting, will further help to consolidate democratic institutions as well as inform the international community and the Sudanese civil society. Despite the difficult context, further exacerbated by the pandemic, political reforms need to continue, and the EU and its member states will continue to support the OHCHR presence substantially.

Madame Deputy High Commissioner,

What are the key areas that OHCHR will focus on in their technical cooperation with Sudan? And how do you intend to ensure monitoring and reporting, together with UNITAMs?

I thank you.

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