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European Union Heads of Mission in Jerusalem and Ramallah visit Hebron

19/03/2019 - 15:07

Today, the EU Heads of Missions in Jerusalem and Ramallah visited Hebron. The diplomats met the Governor and representatives of Hebron city and its Chamber of Commerce. They also toured H2 area in the old city and visited a school there. 

The Heads of Missions started their visit at the Governor's Office. There, they were briefed by Hebron Governor Jibreen al-Bakri on the deteriorating situation in Hebron and the challenges the city and the Palestinian community are facing.

The diplomats visited the Shjarat Aldor Basic Girls School that is located in one of the most vulnerable communities in Hebron. The school is close to checkpoints and is near Israeli settlements. The group was also briefed there by community representatives about the situation in H2 area. At the school, the EU is supporting an education programme that aims to enhance the protection of children affected by conflict and attacks on education by providing psycho-educational support.

The diplomats also met representatives of the Hebron Chamber of Commerce. They were briefed about the local economy of Hebron and visited a Palestinian factory in Tarqomia. As the biggest city in the West Bank, Hebron is an important commercial and manufacturing centre. Its economy contributes significantly to the Palestinian economy.

Hebron has for years been the target of intense activity, including in the centre of the city. The settler presence, access restrictions and the deployment of Israeli military and police forces have severely affected Palestinian businesses and living conditions of Palestinians, including their security, sources of livelihood, provision of services and children's access to education.

"The situation in Hebron is worrying. Hebron is the only Palestinian city with settlements within its urban centre which has severe consequences for the local population. In addition, more needs be done to improve the economic situation, in particular through easing Israeli restrictions on movement and access. The situation in Hebron shows that there is an urgent need for a political solution to the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis", said the EU Representative Ralph Tarraf on the occasion of the visit.

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