The Office of the European Union Representative
(West Bank and Gaza Strip, UNRWA)

Information Support to Youth Networks in Ukraine

€60.000 - €144.000

The purpose of the contract will be  to provide information  support, expertise and training to the activities organised by each network, to coordinate and enhance cooperation between various networks.

The subject of the contract is to:

  • maintain and develop Internet platform for youth and children Euroquiz, which will serve as a place for communication, exchanges of view, establishing and maintaining contacts for the pro-European young people in Ukraine
  • support information activities of the existing European networks: EUIs, Euroclubs, European College, Erasmus+ alumni,  other pro-European youth groups
  • encourage and support interaction between ALL  above mentioned networks or partners.
Deadline to express your interest (inscription): 
Sending of invitation to tender (Indicative time): 
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