The Office of the European Union Representative
(West Bank and Gaza Strip, UNRWA)

Local EU statement on the demolition by Israeli authorities of parts of the school of the Bedouin community of Abu Nuwar

Jerusalem, 06/02/2018 - 15:40, UNIQUE ID: 180206_30
Local Statements

The European Union Representative and the EU Heads of Mission in Jerusalem and Ramallah issue the following statement:

The EU missions in Jerusalem and Ramallah express strong concern  about demolition by the Israeli authorities of two donor-funded classrooms (3rd and 4th grade), serving 26 Palestinian school children in the Bedouin and refugee community of Abu Nuwar, located in Area C on the outskirts of Jerusalem, on 4 February. The classrooms were funded by the EU and EU Member States.

Every child has the right to access to education and States have an obligation to protect, respect and fulfil this right, by ensuring that schools are inviolable safe spaces for children.

In line with its long-standing position on this issue, the EU calls upon the Israeli authorities to halt demolitions and confiscations of Palestinian houses and property in accordance with its obligations as an occupying power under international humanitarian law, and to cease the policy of settlement construction and expansion, of designating land for exclusive Israeli use and of denying Palestinian development.

The EU missions in Jerusalem and Ramallah call on the Israeli authorities to rebuild the school structures in the same place.


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