Delegation of the European Union to Pakistan

Registration opens for EU-Pakistan Business Forum for SMEs in Islamabad 8 September

Islamabad , 07/07/2021 - 16:20, UNIQUE ID: 210707_16
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The registration for participation in the EU-Pakistan Business Forum for SMEs in Islamabad event scheduled on 8 September at Serena Hotel Islamabad is now open. Please click here to get yourself registered.

The four working groups will discuss the export potential in the following four sectors at the Islamabad event.

  1. Gems and jewellery, Mining

According to estimates, Pakistan’s exports of gems and jewellery were 3.7 billion in 2018. The export potential is much greater. With little innovative techniques, annual gems and jewelry exports can be enhanced by 10% each year. Attention to excavation, cutting and polishing has to be paid. The EU can be a potentially attractive market for this purpose. 



  1. Handicrafts

To encourage artisans particularly female artisans, the handicraft industry has to be promoted. Despite huge potential for exports, Pakistan exported only USD 255 million in 2018. One of the main problems identified by some independent experts include non-existence of international networking. To address this particular problem the EU-Pakistan Business Forum of the SMEs could a vital role.


Handi crafts

  1. Information Technology

As of May, 2020 IT and IT Services export remittances surged to USD 1.11 billion at a growth rate of 20.75% during fiscal year 2020. This potential can be further exploited at the EU-Pakistan Business Forum for the SMEs.



  1. Travel and Tourism

The EU can promote Pakistani site seeing among its Member States and help bringing tourists from Europe into Pakistan.


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