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President Vázquez visited the EU Delegation and met with the European ambassadors

28/05/2019 - 12:00
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In a cordial meeting, the Uruguayan President, the EU Ambassador and the Ambassadors of the Member States discussed and analysed issues of common interest between the EU and Uruguay.


On 28 May, in the framework of Europe month, the President of the Republic of Uruguay, Dr. Tabaré Vázquez, visited the headquarters of the EU in Montevideo to have a meeting with Ambassador Karl-Otto König and Ambassadors of the EU Member States.

The President was accompanied by Foreign Undersecretary Ariel Bergamino. Ambassador König was accompanied by Austrian Ambassador Christoph Meran, British Ambassador Ian Duddy, Bulgarian Ambassador Andrey Tehov, French Ambassador Hugues Moret, Irish Ambassador Jacqueline O'Halloran Bernstein, Italian Ambassador Gianni Piccato, Portuguese Ambassador Nuno De Mello Bello, Romanian Ambassador Valentin Florea, Slovakian Ambassador Branislav Hitka, Slovenian Ambassador Jadranka Sturm Kocjan, Spanish Ambassador José Javier Gómez-Llera, German Chargé d'Affaires Artur Brunner, Finnish First Secretary Anna Rautvuori, Hungarian First Councilor István Sándor and Czech Counselor Tomáš Hart, as well as officers from the EU Delegation.


In this context, they exchanged views on issues of the bilateral agenda between Uruguay and the EU, on Uruguayan internal politics and the political and social situation in Venezuela. They also talked about the EU-Mercosur negotiations towards an association agreement, which according to President Vázquez "are in the final stages, though there are issues to work on by both blocs regarding the agricultural sector".


Once the meeting with the Ambassadors had concluded, President Vázquez took time to speak with the EU Delegation staff.


Speaking to the media on his way out of the Delegation, President Vázquez stated that "the EU and Uruguay are working on a peaceful, democratic and consensual solution for Venezuela". He added that "there is concern, but hope that a way forward will be found with the Venezuelan government and opposition".

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