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CEUMC meets members of the Sub Committee on Security and Defence (SEDE)

22/02/2019 - 15:57
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On 19th of February, by invitation of the Chair, Ms Anna FOTYGA, the Chairman of the EU Military Committee (EUMC), General Claudio Graziano, had an exchange of views with members of the Sub Committee on Security and Defence (SEDE), at the European Parliament.

General Graziano briefed them on the role of the European Union Military Committee
in the current evolution of the Common Security and Defence Policy. He focussed
on the state of play of the on-going military CSDP missions and operations, in
particular the critical shortfalls with regard to manning and the lack of adequate
financing tools. The Chairman also covered the EU Global Strategy and its main
deliverables, reflected on EU Strategic Autonomy and its complementarity with NATO
and shared a few thoughts on the challenges for the coming year.

On CSDP military missions and operations, he underlined the significant efforts in
implementing the provisions of the EU Global Strategy, and how the excellent results
achieved so far effectively contribute in this respect. He also stressed the EU
commitment in Africa, where the root causes of the existing challenges are, and
where the EU has to act consistently with its primary interest by promoting welfare
and security.

General Graziano also pointed out that across the 6 military CSDP missions and
operations, longstanding problems exist in matching the operational needs with the
contribution of forces, funds and other assets. Despite the great achievements made
by the Commanders in the field, this aspect affects, in particular, the effectiveness of
the 3 training missions.

Looking at the Implementation of the EU Global Strategy and its implications, the
Chairman noted that the most widely advertised tools stemming from it are in the
area of Defence Capability Development. In this respect, General Graziano
mentioned the Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO), which intends to create
deeper and more integrated cooperation among Member States, the Coordinated
Annual Review on Defence, or CARD, a tool which aiming at better coordinate and
synchronise defence planning among Member States, the European Defence Fund
(EDF) and the European Defence Industry Development Programme (EDIDP) which
complement the previous tools and, finally, the European Peace Facility (EPF) aiming
at boosting the EU's security and defence capabilities with a view to making force
generation easier.

Regarding the EU Strategic Autonomy, as stemming from the EU Global Strategy,
General Graziano mentioned the increased EU - NATO cooperation in terms of
complementarity, being the Military Mobility an excellent example of such

The Chairman of the EU Military Committee concluded his intervention sharing some
considerations on the way ahead and the next challenges. He noted that the EUMC
is actively engaged in the evolution of European Security and Defence, and its
primary role is to provide advice to the political level, thereby conveying the views of
the Chiefs of Defence on matters of military concern. He also stressed that, in order
to achieve the goal of a stronger Europe, the EU should be credible and responsive,
and act adopting a systematic and synergic approach. The ambition, at EU level,
should be to use military capabilities in a more precise and consistent way in order to
contribute to the implementation of the Global Strategy. In order to achieve this, a
robust EU chain of command able to plan and conduct a wide range of operations,
interoperable national armed forces and solid financial tools are needed.