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Accompanying Measures for Sugar Protocol Countries, Trinidad and Tobago

04/10/2017 - 15:26
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Promoting Diversification and Food Security in Trinidad and Tobago

"I am proud of the way I’ve been able to build on my father’s legacy. He used to rear animals at home. My farm is growing. I’m creating employment buying, machinery and equipment as well as expanding my farm."

Khemraj Singh, Farmer, Felicity Farms

Sugar cane was the most important crop in Trinidad and Tobago well into the 1990's, but falling production and revenues led the Government to divest and restructure the industry. A National Adaptation Strategy was developed and in 2007, the European Union stepped in to support the restructuring through the Accompanying Measures for Sugar Protocol Countries (AMSP) Programme. Working with the TT Government through the Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries, the EU also sought to support the country's agricultural and economic diversification, food security and sustainable development.

  • Support agricultural and economic diversification.
  • Increase domestic food production and related downstream activities.
  • Increase food security.
  • Mitigate the social impact of the divestment.