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Delegation of the European Union to Nigeria and ECOWAS

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  1. Feature stories

    The 60th anniversary of the EU

  2. Feature stories

    60 EU60 Stories

  3. 60 years of the EU in the World

  4. EU/Africa cooperation a force for good, Mogherini says

  5. Events

    International Women's Day 2017: Stakeholders seek increased opportunities for Women in the world of work.

  6. #oslohumconf
    Feature stories

    Donors’ Mission to northeast Nigeria 13 to 15 February 2017

  7. Events

    EU Partners Premier documentary film "Plateau on the Move" in Abuja Thursday, February 2, 2016 at 3:30pm

  8. Feature stories

    Factsheets on Migration

  9. Chief Observer, Tamas Meszerics, during the press conference launching the EUEOM Ghana 2016's Final Report
    Feature stories

    Chief Observer presents Final Report: "Another milestone in Ghana's democracy, but tensions and mistrust could have been avoided and should be addressed."

  10. Feature stories

    Managing migration effectively: HR/VP Mogherini reports on progress with 5 key partner countries