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European Union Funds Projects to Improve Livestock and Crops Diversification in Sierra Leone

11/09/2019 - 16:01
Agriculture and Food Safety

Four new agricultural development projects are on schedule to begin implementation in eleven districts in Sierra Leone, including Western Rural. The projects, led by three international Non-Governmental Organisations including Solidaridad Network West Africa, Stichting BRAC and Oxfam GB, will continue providing support to cashew, cocoa and coffee (CCC) sectors especially in the field of certification, traceability, and trade; and promote the inclusive diversification of crops and livestock. The €9m projects will run for a maximum duration of four years.

The projects, funded by the European Union and financed through the Boosting Agriculture and Food Security (BAFS) Project, a flagship project of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF), will target Smallholder Farmers as the driving force of agricultural production in Sierra Leone.

Solidaridad Network West Africa and Cotton Tree Foundation will focus on cashew, coffee and cocoa, with the objective of ensuring an efficient and effective value chains of cash crops for export are promoted with special focus on increasing quality and quantity of production, processing, marketing and trading, while implementing environmentally sound agricultural practices.  Stitching BRAC together with PICEP, CEDA and KADDRO will focus on livestock development, with an objective of improving food security and reducing poverty of 4140 smallholder livestock farmers through fostering diversification of the livestock sector and developing a better functioning livestock value chain. The two Oxfam GB grants will focus on crops and livestock diversification, working with Child Fund and MOPADA for the crops component, and Child Fund and SLAWS on the livestock component.

The Fund finances the project development cost of a broad range of agriculture infrastructure, spanning the entire value chains of the country: from production to the market. The emphasis is on projects that contribute to the food security, income enhancement, job creation, and livelihood of smallholder farmers. These projects will together directly target 6,590 livestock farmers, and 6,205 crops farmers, focusing on 60% women in both categories.

The projects are being implemented in 11 districts of Koinadugu, Bombali, Port Loko, Kono, Western Area Rural, Moyamba, Bo, Kenema Kailahun, Bonthe and Pujehun.

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