Delegation of the European Union to Nigeria and ECOWAS

First Contribution to AFIF in Support of the Energy Sector in Nigeria

28/12/2018 - 15:33

The main objective of this project is to improve access to electricity from renewable sources and to reduce environmental impact of the Nigerian energy sector.

Expected Results:

  • A larger pool of technically qualified professionals in the energy sector;
  • Increased private investment in RE and EE projects;
  • Increased electricity generation through on-grid and off-grid renewables;  

Main Activities:

  • Supporting the improvement of technical skills, through NAPTIN and other training institutes: teaching curricula, training of teachers, strengthening management structures, upgrading facilities and equipment;
  • Supporting private sector SMEs with access to affordable credit lines to develop RE, EE, RrE projects through the SUNREF facility;
  • Increase the supply of on-grid electricity through RE generation by contributing to a large solar plant project in Bauchi. 

Main accomplishments to date:

  • NAPTIN project signed in December 2017; SUNREF project contract signed on 31/07/2018.  



Description:  11th EDF (CRIS ref: FED/ 2016 / 039-672)

Total budget (EUR):  327M

Implementation period:  5 years (2016 – 2020)

Implementing agencies:  blending through AfDB, AFD 

Geographical region: Nationwide


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