Delegation of the European Union to Nigeria and ECOWAS

EU Support to Federal Governance Reform Programme (SUFEGOR)

28/12/2018 - 13:19
Regional overview

The objective of this project is to improve coordination of government's public service reform and strengthen capacity of 5 federal agencies responsible for policy planning, revenue generation, performance monitoring and development of statistics.

Expected results:

  •  Roles of agencies are clearly defined and coordination of the reform process is effective;
  •  Improved capacity for policy planning and forecasting;
  • Comprehensive and disaggregated statistics widely available for planning;
  • Medium Term Sector Strategy based approach is adopted for annual budget preparation;
  • Improved capacity for monitoring and evaluation of policy performance;
  • Public finance management (PFM) systems in use for accounting, recording and reporting purposes;
  • Improved capacity to increase revenues from taxation. 

Main activities:

  • Provision of technical assistance to support the 5 beneficiary agencies in the following areas: Legal framework for reform coordination; Review of baseline indicators; Preparation of multi-annual operational plans for implementation of public service reform; Macro-economic forecasting and modelling; Treasury Single Account, Zero based budgeting; Statistical development, Tax administration and Human resource management;
  • Delivery of ICT, office equipment and software (including provision of ancillary services) to support the 5 beneficiary agencies towards the implementation of integrated financial management system including integrated payroll system and ICT applications for: performance monitoring & evaluation and statistics networking. 


Main accomplishments to date:

  • Completed study on "Identifying Common Constraints in Service Delivery on the issue of passports, driving licences, tax clearance certificates and National identity cards"; report is being processed for publication;
  • Contributed 22 short term experts  to FGN's inaugural Focus Laboratory to track the Implementation of the Economic Recovery and Growth Plan;
  • Completed an update of the Compendium of Reforms covering the period 1999 – 2017;
  • Prepared and published a Handbook for the Self-Assessment Tool for Managing MDAs;
  • Conducted a User Satisfaction Survey in Statistics;
  • Supported the Budget Office of the Federation to review and prepare reports on various documents with budget implications;
  • Deployed ICT equipment to the 5 beneficiary agencies, which are in use for office work. 


Description: 10th EDF (CRIS ref: 2011/022-893)

Total budget (EUR): 20M

Implementation period: 5 years (2013 – 2018) 

Implementation agency: Bureau of Public Service Reform

Geographical region:  5 Federal Government agencies in Abuja (Bureau of Public Service Reform, Office of Head of Civil Service, Ministry of Budget and National Planning, National Bureau of Statistics & Federal Inland Revenue Service).

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