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Nigeria Competitiveness Support Programme

28/12/2018 - 11:56
Regional overview

The objective of this project is to support effective management of trade policy and trade facilitation, improve business and investment climate and support the set-up of a National Quality Infrastructure (NQI).



Expected Results:

Component 1: Strengthening Trade Support Institutions;

Component 2: Improving Business and Investment Climate;

Component 3: Improving Quality Infrastructure. 

Main accomplishments to date:

Strengthening Trade Support Institutions:

  • Supported drafting of Trade Policy and Strategy;
  • Supported development of a mechanism to monitor CET implementation;
  • Capacity building to FMITI on trade policy issues;
  • Provided TA and logistic support  to the directorate of Trade for multilateral negotiations under the WTO to Bali and Nairobi;
  • Training to National Customs Service on CET implementation and technical processes. 

Improving Business and Investment Climate:

  • Redrafted competition policy/bill presented to NASS and passed by the Senate now awaiting presentation for presidential assent; 
  • Completed systematic demarcation and land titling of over 150,000 plots in 4 municipal councils in Kano State and over 5, 000 CoO collected;
  • Business licencing reforms (BLR) undertaken in Kano State for 4 key sectors (retail, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and transportation);
  • The BLR project expanded to Kaduna State. 

Improving Quality Infrastructure:

  • National Quality Policy drafted and presented to the FEC for adoption; 
  • National Accreditation board established, incorporated and operational; 
  • National Metrological Institute undergoing construction in Enugu (75% completion);
  • National Technical Regulation bodies established; 
  • Implementing 4 pilots on commodity value chains (dried beans, melon, shea butter and leather);
  • The conduit of excellence developed now adopted by the government inter-ministerial task force on zero rejects of Nigeria exports;
  • Quality Award organised for Nigeria.   


Source of funds:   10th EDF (CRIS ref: 2012 / 022-911)

Total budget (EUR): 230, 500, 000 

Implementation period: 4 years (2013 – 2018) 

Implementing agencies:  GIZ, DFID/ASI and UNIDO

Geographical region:   Nationwide 


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