Delegation of the European Union to Nicaragua

List of Planned Procurements in 2020-2021


Vendors and service providers intending to apply for a contract should consult the Procurement Notice (referred to as the 'General Provisions') before submitting their interest by filling in the Application Form.

Application should be submitted via email to (link sends e-mail)

Procurement Notice

Application Form

Please see the below link for the list of planned procurements for 2020-2021:

Reference No.    Type of Tender                            Planned Launched Period
ADM CFT/2020/01    Office cleaning service             2020
ADM CFT/2020/02    Travel services                     2020
ADM CFT/2020/03    Catering services                     2020
ADM CFT/2020/04    Maintenance service for air conditionner 2020
ADM CFT/2020/05    Medical examination for LA             2020
P&I CFT/2020/01    Sustainable Food Festival            2020
P&I CFT/2020/02    Copywriting and Translating Services    2020
ADM CFT/2021/01    Group Medical Insurance                    2021
ADM CFT/2021/02    Group Accident Insurance             2021

The above list is also available as a PDF

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