Delegation of the European Union to Nicaragua

Antimicrobial resistance: One-health action plan and evidence-informed policymaking

26/10/2017 - 10:40

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) has become a serious intersectoral concern in the EU and also at the global level. AMR decreases or neglects the effectiveness of antibiotics. That, in turn, will increase health care expenditures for health care systems, often also for patients by extended and more complicated treatment.

The aim of this high-level meeting on AMR is to accelerate the discussion and implementation of one-health action plans on AMR (global, EU and national level) and promote evidence-informed policy-making on antimicrobial resistance by: 

  • Presenting and discussing the new EU One-Health Action Plan
  • Identifying the main challenges and opportunities on the member state and the EU level
  • Discussing the key aspects in developing inter-sectoral indicators of the actions against AMR (in health, agriculture and environment) and using these in policy-making decisions
  • Discussing and acknowledging the social and economic burden of AMR and support cost-effective policy options
  • Discussing what are the next main steps to succeed in fighting against AMR in EU

Albert Borschette Congress Center, Room CCAB AB-0D
Rue Froissart 36

1040 Brussels

Heli Laarmann

Ministry of Social Affairs