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The European Union Election Observation Mission’s (EUEOM) Chief Observer, Isabel Santos, will observe the voting process on November 21st in Caracas.

Caracas, 20/11/2021 - 18:26, UNIQUE ID: 211120_2
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Following the European Union’s election observation methodology, the European Union Election Observation Mission’s (EUEOM) Chief Observer, Isabel Santos, will observe the electoral process on Sunday November 21st in several polling centers in Caracas and will have the opportunity to talk to the media at two different moments of the day.

The first meeting with the press is at noon (12:00 sharp) at the polling center called Basic National School Antonio Ordóñez (Palo Verde, near Petare).

Then, at 16:30, a second appearance before the press, at the polling center Fermín Toro High School (El Silencio, near Miraflores).

Since October 14th, EUEOM has deployed a 14-analyst team, that were joined by 44 Long Term Observers, 34 Short Term Observers, 09 European Parliament members and more than 30 Observers, recruited locally from Diplomatic staff accredited in Venezuela.  During Election Day, EUEOM will have about 130 observers that will visit polling centers in 23 states of the country.

On November 23rd, Chief Observer Isabel Santos will give a preliminary statement during a press conference that will be held at 11:00am in Eurobuilding Hotel located in Caracas, where she will be answering all media questions.

Then, one or two months after the end of the electoral process, the Chief Observer returns to the country, accompanied by several EUEOM members to present the final report, including recommendations for future electoral events.

Media that would like to accompany EUEOM Chief Observer in the visits organized  and would like to arrange interviews with the CO, are invited to do so by contacting EUEOM Venezuela 2021 media center.

Press Officer: Renaud Dewit:   +584129270228

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