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'The Netherlands: Living Below Sea Level' with Adriënne van der Sar

02/03/2018 - 03:03

Can you imagine living six meters below sea level?

The Netherlands Embassy and Victoria University are pleased to host Adriënne van der Sar for a public lecture about the Netherlands Delta Programme, complete with a Q&A.

The aim of the Delta Programme is to protect the Netherlands from flooding, freshwater shortages and the impact of extreme weather. Spatial adaptation must become a matter of course in every physical intervention that is carried out. Half of the Netherlands is at or below sea level, and it is gradually sinking. The country is very vulnerable and this issue has now been a matter of daily survival for more than a thousand years. In spite of this, rising seas and climate change are seen as opportunitie! Come learn about the Dutch solution to living with water.

Please register by Wednesday, 14 March. Refreshments will be served after the lecture.



Victoria University Law School Government
Buildings Lecture Theatre 2,
55 Lambton Quay
New Zealand