Delegation of the European Union to New Zealand

Dutch Film Festival 2017 - Auckland

05/10/2017 - 22:45

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Wellington warmly invites you to the Dutch Film Festival in Auckland.

Dutch Film Festival 2017

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Wellington warmly invites you to the Dutch Film Festival in Auckland.

The following three films will be screened in Auckland:

(Sold-Out) 16 November: Michiel de Ruyter (The Admiral) (2015) - Director: Roel Reiné.

Michiel de Ruyter highlights Netherlands’ naval history during the Dutch Golden Age spanning the 17th century. This was in the same period as Abel Tasman’s trade exploration. 17th-century Netherlands is under attack from England and its allies, and the country itself is on the brink of civil war. Michiel de Ruyter, a humble naval commander, is called upon to lead the Dutch fleet in a battle for freedom and unity.

The Netherlands Embassy will host an opening night with drinks and Dutch nibbles. Please arrive 45 minutes prior to the start of the film.

22 November: TBS (Nothing to Lose) (2008) - Director: Pieter Kuijpers.

Johan convicted of killing his own father and sister escapes from a criminal hospital to track down his mother and prove his innocence. He gets pursued by the police and in a desperate attempt to avoid capture, he kidnaps a 13-year old girl, Tessa. Together they drive through the Netherlands and Belgium to find his mother.

24 November: The Chocolate Case (2016) - Director: Benthe Forrer.

A documentary about young Dutch journalists who have the ambition to end slavery in the cocoa chain. Their journey on the way to a slave-free cocoa world starts in 2003 as part of their TV-programme ‘Food Unwrapped’. This documentary shows how tough it is to eliminate fundamental errors and injustice in a global system, but it’s not impossible. With perseverance, the journalists managed to launch the first self-claimed slave-free chocolate bar – Tony’s Chocolonely in 2005. 12 years later, the initiative for 100% slave-free chocolate has evolved into a movement that is building momentum worldwide, including New Zealand.

16/10/2017 - 24/11/2017

The Vic Cinema Cafe Theatre
48-56 Victoria Rd
New Zealand

In case you have reserved tickets but are unable to attend the event, please send an email to or call 044716390 so we can redistribute your tickets.

Admission is free and all movies are in Dutch with English subtitles. Please visit the website of the Netherlands Embassy for more details.