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About the EU Delegation to New Zealand

12/05/2016 - 15:21
About us - structure and organisation

Kia ora and welcome to the website of the European Union's Delegation to New Zealand.

Established in Wellington in May 2004, the Delegation provides information to New Zealanders about the European Union, its policies and activities; and acts as a conduit for regular exchanges with the New Zealand government. Each year we undertake specific activities to inform New Zealanders on the latest developments to do with the European Union. Everything from the euro and education to trade policy and relations with New Zealand.

We are strongly committed to improving and expanding our relationship with New Zealand to ensure that our reporting to Brussels is comprehensive and reflects the true depth and diversity of New Zealand debate.

You are encouraged to continue perusing the following pages and inform yourself of the many facets to the bilateral relationship. The Delegation welcomes any feedback you may have and encourages you to contact us if you have any questions.

The European Union and New Zealand share a strong historical, cultural, economic and political relationship that has grown and developed over many decades.

The Delegation in particular:

  • Ensures the representation of the European Union in New Zealand.
  • Maintains and develops bilateral relations in accordance with the 2007 EU-New Zealand Joint Declaration on Relations and Cooperation  and the 2016 EU-New Zealand Partnership Agreement for Relations and Cooperation in the areas of political, economic, trade, development, education, research, science, and technology, transport, environment and cultural cooperation.
  • Contributes to coordination with EU Member States Embassies.
  • Reports back to headquarters on all matters of interest.
  • Works towards increasing the visibility, awareness and understanding of the EU in New Zealand.
  • Carries out press and public diplomatic activities in pursuit of the above.

Ambassador and Head of Delegation
H.E. Mr Bernard Savage


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